Ratings & Reviews

Collect reviews and ratings from customers and guests. Guest must have an account to leave a review.


Place this snippet somewhere in your product's template.

	{{ craft.qarr.display(product) }}


This will give you both reviews and questions. If you just want to display ratings & reviews, set questions to false

	{{ craft.qarr.display(product, {
		questions: false	
	}) }}

Review Modal

Review modal will have 4 required/mendatory fields. Full Name, Email Address, Star Rating, and Feedback textarea. This is enought to leave a product review. However, if you require to collection more user information you can use Displays to do so.

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Reviews Index

You can manage submitted reviews at reviews page. Similar to other craft elements, you can set status, delete, search, and filter the reviews. Customize your sidebar to add more table columns or change order or your product types.

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Review Entry

For each submission you can update status, reply to submitter by email or respond to the review (publicly visible).

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Public response

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Email Correspondence

Any correspondence by email will be saved and displayed inside each entry.

Replying to Feedback

You can reply to feedback and it will be displayed publicly. You can update or delete your reply.